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Notes on the Platform Sutra

The Platform Sutra has been a great help to me. It’s not filled with impossible riddles and flowery symbolism. It’s direct and easy to understand. However understanding the concepts is one thing; Putting it into practice in daily meditation and … Continue reading

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2012 Hubei Medicine Buddha Cultural Festival – Welcomes Venerable Monks from Abroad

Originally posted on THE SANGHA KOMMUNE (SSR):
Master Jing Hui Leads the Entourage into the Temple Original Chinese Language Article: By Wei Fang (卫风) Ch’an Culture Network (Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD) Ch’an Culture Network – news from Hubei province,…

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Wondering thoughts and no-self

My dad abandoned his material body in 2006.  He had three brothers and three sisters.  Aunt Ruth, the last one living passed away this week and today I attended her funeral.  As I looked at some of my cousins and … Continue reading

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The Platform Sutra – Red Pine – part 3

For many Chan Buddhist the Platform Sutra is our primary guide. Although Hui-neng, the supposed author tells us to study the Diamond Sutra. It was upon hearing a line from the Diamond that he realized enlightenment. He claims to have … Continue reading

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