Silent Illumination

Silent Illumination is the practice of just sitting.  You can read about it in a book on Master Hongzhi’s teachings titled ‘Cultivating the Empty Field.’   Also in ‘The Method of No-method’ by Master Shen Yen.   It’s a simple method but not easy to fully develope.  You must relax the body and the mind and practice awareness of the body just sitting.  The awareness is on the body as a whole and not individual elements of the body.  The mind is totally relaxed and one let’s go of all wandering thoughts.  Master Sheng Yen teaches additional practices as part of it such as contemplating impermanence of the environment, body and mind.   When one can fully experience impermanence there is no fear, no suffering.  I suggest reading the two books mentioned above.  Loving Kindness to ALL

About zenandsewing

Retired Sew Meditate Bicycle Study Chan
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